Clinker is a waste product that forms on the crucible beneath a metal forge. It is composed of coke and other impurities which form in the process of iron making. We have a blacksmith in Wakefield who is collecting large amounts of this for us to use in a sculpture. The overall form of the … Continue reading Clinker

Early days at the print studio.

End of second week at the studio developing new techniques and finding our feet in a new art making space. Use of new equipment, sourcing materials and realising things are done differently everywhere! It's a great thing to have a wife who is also a dedicated and beautiful print assistant. Thanks Alex.

Chantry Chapel

Trip to the Chantry chapel today to meet David Royston, Chair of the trust and see the space with a view to installing the clinker tower piece within the basement. Several decades of history notable through build-up of spiders webs, a twisting stone staircase and prospect that the place floods on a regular basis. A damp and underground odour which gives … Continue reading Chantry Chapel