Blast Furnace Slag

Coke, Iron ore and a flux limestone are melted together in a blast furnace. When the metallurgical smelting process is complete, the lime in the flux has been chemically combined with the aluminates and silicates of the ore and coke ash to form this non-metallic product.

Material research for the project one that can be procured readily and at a low cost. Is composed partly of coal and also has the appearance of a volcanic rock, something born in the bowels of the earth (or the bowels of a furnace). Quartz-like glitters and bluey greenish veins of colour are normal in this man-made stone of the industrial age. In Victorian times when the birth of the factory loomed large and burning coals and steel were readily dispersed in the earth. Metalworks that blazed day and night with the sulphurous pong of brimstone. The heat of an eruption that could be built up over several months of a crucible boiling and bubbling. From a fissure steam pouring and the birth of a new rock being produced. One that was discovered under the cathedral of Wakefield with the composition of coral. Heated and forged on an anvil like iron until its form took on that of a material riddled with the tunnelling holes of mining equipment.




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